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If you have elderly parents and a sibling with special needs, you will find Dale Susan Edmonds’ caregiving website, Talk Early Talk Often, most useful and engaging.

In What to Talk About, she shares how you can initiate conversations with your elderly parents on planning for their old age. Other topics include Senior Housing, Senior Healthcare, Brain Fitness, Finances, Senior Exercises, Senior Driving, Holidays and Advance Directives.

She dedicates an entire page to Special Needs Adults and encourages siblings to come alongside parents to plan for the care of a family member with special needs.

Here are here practical suggestions:

  • Engage a professional who is trained in special needs life-care to help with the planning.
  • Document (in writing or using a digital camera) instructions on care, including emergency contacts, medical history, living and work arrangements. (Refer to the article, Your Special Needs Adult Sibling’s Life and Needs for the Future, for more information.


Dale is Hospice Chaplain as well as a certified Advanced Care Planning Facilitator and Instructor. The website is a labour of love. Dale shares from the heart; drawing from her personal experience as a daughter with ageing parents, and a sister to a brother with severe autism.




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