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Heath White describes himself as having “genetically superior genes… with winners blood….” He was devastated when he received news that his first child had Down Syndrome. He says it was like he was getting a … Read More

Jennifer and Jeremy

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Jen was born 11 weeks early and weighed only 2½ pounds. The doctors were surprised to see what a strong, wiggly girl she was. But when Jen was just a few days old, she stopped … Read More

Exploding Pumpkins

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Jeffrey Wright is a physics teacher in Louisville Kentucky. His son Adam is severely disabled with a very rare condition known as Joubert Syndrome. Adam has nearly no control over his body, and struggles with … Read More


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Understand autism with new eyes. Watch this video to discover what goes on inside the mind of a young girl, who as a child had been labelled as severely autistic and handicapped. Learn how Carly, … Read More