Raffles Institution@COH

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Opportunities for Interaction Teenagers learn to be flexible and sensitive to others by interacting with people with special needs. “When among their peers in the classroom, students do not have as many opportunities to practise … Read More

Operation Meaningful Life

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A father’s belief that everyone can be trained to be productive in his own way, opened doors for his son to work and earn a weekly pay cheque. But the benefits are beyond monetary. Watch … Read More

Amazing Things Happen

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Amazing Things Happen is a useful resource for all parents and teachers. It can be used to explain autism to children who are not autistic. This award-winning animation invites one and all to put themselves in … Read More

Ruo En’s Modified Toy Jeep

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“Play is the work of the child.” – Maria Montessori Ruo En has Cerebral Palsy, but thanks to her techie friends, she is learning how to drive by first practising on a ride-on toy jeep. Engineers from Hope Technik, the local … Read More

Finishing as One

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Brothers, Conner (9) and Cayden (6) Long, are true teammates. Conner, takes part in races with his younger brother because it gives him joy to see his brother smiling and laughing when they race together. … Read More

My Autism and Me

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13-year-old Rosie King explains Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome using cheerful animation, confidence and oozing with positive energy, She brings us into her world and that of other special needs children,and helps us better understand, appreciate, and accept persons with special … Read More